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Craft Beer = Craft Cow

Craft Beer = Craft Cow

National Ag Day is March 14th and sustainable farming practices is on the minds of the majority in the agricultural world.  The team at Blackwater Beef understands the importance of an ecological balance and continues to develop sustainable farming practices.  One of these practices is the cattle feed we use. Cattle enjoy eating the leftovers or "spent grain" from the beer making process. Spent grain is the by-product from the production of beer and what is left over after the mash is cooked and the liquid is extracted. The fermentation process has not taken place yet so the cattle consume no alcohol. Working with our brewery partners, Solace Brewing Company and Ocelot Brewing Company, our cattle consume an average of 6 tons of spent grain each week.  The protein concentration averages 20% and it also has a high fiber concentration.  But spent grain is not just used for cattle.  There are many ways in which spent grain is repurposed as described in

Sustainable Uses of Spent Grain published by


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