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RANCHER - 1/2 Beef:

The below will be divided into 4 equal shipments of no less than 50 pounds. All 4 shipments will include an assortment of the following:



16 - Delmonico/Ribeye,

4 - T-Bone

4 - Porterhouse

4 - NY Strip

8 - Filet Mignon

4 - Ranch

4 - Flat Iron

8 - Sirloin

8 - Chipsteak


4 - Chuck Roast

4 - Rump Roast

4 - Sirloin Tip Roast

8 - Beef Cube (1 lb/pk)

Ground Beef:

72 - Ground Beef (1 lb/pks)

Ready to Eat:

Blackwater Beef Jerky

Blackwater Beef Sticks


Subscription Pricing:  12 easy monthly payments of $176

Free shipping and handling.

Order complete in four quarterly shipments

RANCHER 1/2 Beef Sign Up!

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